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TaiFin sells CTF tempering furnace to Garibaldi Glass Industries

TaiFin has announced that the first CTF3360 full convection furnace for North America has been shipped to Garibaldi Glass Industries. Garibaldi and TaiFin look forward to further collaboration. Equipped with 3D full convection technology and CHAMOS, the CTF ensures top glass qualities with the highest isotropy for maximum customer requirements.

HEGLA TaiFin - Garibaldi Glass

Thanks to is modular design, the CTF furnace can easily be expanded and extended.

In March 2018, HEGLA TaiFin commissioned the CTF3360 convection furnace at Garibaldi Glass Industries in North America. Shortly thereafter, Jukka Sääksi from HEGLA TaiFin returned to Garibaldi for a follow-up visit. In the meantime, Garibaldi was already manufacturing glass in rapid cycles: the convection furnace ran three shifts per day and produced perfect flat glass.

The CTF3360 tempering furnace contains a number of patented technologies. In conjunction with powerful convection, the precise control system of the CTF furnace enables the production of all glass types, from clear glass to coated Low-E, for all sizes and thicknesses of glass. “The furnace has an optimal, even heating and cooling output. The air flow from the convection ducts remains stable across the glass surface, which is automatically profiled according to the type and size of the glass,” explained Jukka Sääksi.

Simple production – top glass quality

HEGLA TaiFin furnaces have real-time monitoring and precise temperature adjustment via sensors close to the glass in the matrix heating zones, ensuring that the tempered glass possesses optimal quality. The patented heat flow through the diagonally arranged convection boxes for warming the top and bottom surfaces of the glass produces perfectly even glass with the highest isotropy values. According to Chris Mobius, Vice President of Garibaldi, their customers are extremely satisfied with the quality of the glass.

The CTF furnace delivers impressive glass quality for premium standards, and the furnace also features a modular design with low-maintenance technology that makes servicing fast – on the rare occasions when it is necessary. The even warming of the glass plays a major role in glass quality, as does the rapid, even and professional cooling down of the glass panes. With HEGLA TaiFin technology, it is easy to produce simple, high-quality glass.


Jukka Sääksi from HEGLA TaiFin (left) and Chris Mobius from Garibaldi Glass

HEGLA TaiFin - Garibaldi Glass

CTF3360 tempering furnace

Garibaldi Glass