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The world’s largest tempering furnace for flat glass

The world’s largest tempering furnace for flat glass is located in Germany. It was developed, planned and built by the Finnish company HEGLA TaiFin.

HEGLA TaiFin - the biggest furnace

With a bedload 18 metres long and 3.6 metres wide, it is a one-of-a-kind system and larger than any other comparable tempering solution in the market. It is also noteworthy for the quality of the tempered glass it produces, which has outstanding isotropy and consistently meets all standards. Thanks to its modular design, the furnace can be extended according to user needs at any time. The CTF has a low-maintenance design that makes it incredibly durable. On the rare occasion that repairs are needed, they can be completed very quickly.

Top-of-the-line technology for flexible glass production

The world’s largest full-convection furnace for tempering flat glass was presented to the public for the first time in May 2017. This ground-breaking furnace contains a range of patented technological innovations. In conjunction with its powerful convection, the furnace’s precise control system means it can be used to produce all glass types in any glass size and thickness, from clear glass to coated Low-E. Its flexible, mixed production system can be operated by personnel without years of specialist experience. The user-friendly software also makes it simple to work with.

Modular furnace design for extra-large glass

The innovative convection system is a patented and expandable solution that clearly stands apart from conventional glass tempering furnaces. All TaiFin furnaces have a modular design that enables unlimited extensions to the product length. For example, the furnace can produce in one or two-stage mode. According to Esa Lammi, one of the founders of TaiFin, the only size restriction is that the glass needs to be transportable once it is finished. “Panorama glass is hugely popular right now. With this furnace, our customers can make panes up to 18 metres in length and 3 metres in width,” said Lammi.

The modular design also makes maintenance quick and easy. The heating elements can be replaced without first waiting for the furnace to cool down completely, which saves time, for example. Normally, takes between 12 and 24 hours to cool down a furnace, and it takes just as long to heat it back up to operating temperature. The system’s modular design is a cost-efficient solution that increases productivity by saving time and energy.

Patented high-tech solutions for perfect flatness and transparency

The patented convection system has an optimum, even heating and cooling output. The air flow from the convection ducts remains stable across the glass surface. It is automatically adapted to precisely match the requirements for the type and size of glass being produced. The sensor-based monitoring system is close to the glass, and provides the control parameters required for maximum end product quality in real time. The patented heat focus and the diagonal configuration of the heating elements produce glass that is perfectly flat and has outstanding isotropy – results that have been confirmed by measuring systems from companies such as Viprotron and Arcon.

The continuous further development of the existing technology is the focal point of all of HEGLA TaiFin’s product development and innovation work. Jarno Nieminen, the tempering furnace expert at HEGLA TaiFin, says the tempering process is based on laws of nature that need to be observed. “Developing a top solution that can meet the challenges presented by these laws requires a huge effort in terms of technology, research and engineering. Our standards at HEGLA TaiFin are lifting both mechanical engineering and glass production to the next level,” he added in conclusion. The machines – including the automation and electrical development – are constructed and developed in Tampere, Finland.

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HEGLA TaiFin - the biggest furnace